Tenor Carmen LoPresti joins the New Groove Team in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA

My Story

When I was younger, my parents used to play various types of music in the house. The sounds I was associated with were Jazz, Opera, and country. Ultimately, being the youngest of 3, I would try and be funny and match my voice to the singers on the soundtracks. However, something special came from this. My parents noticed something special in that ability to “mimic” and they gave me the option to look into lessons.

I never quite took music studying seriously until my father took me to a production of West Side Story on Broadway. When I heard the full orchestra and the singers…I was changed! Something in me clicked, whether it was the lyrics or the music, to this day I will never be able to tell but I was moved. Fast forward a year later: I am a 13 year old and I applied for an acting camp…really because I was crushing hard on this girl in my class. However, one of the teachers noticed my emotions in my singing and asked me to take some lessons. I soon forgot about the girl and decided to take my singing seriously.

To me, it does not matter how one gets to a point of “studying” music. As for me, it was always something silly leading into something serious. I would never have guessed this is where my life would have led to. I have had the pleasure of enjoying all the wonderful adventures due to these interests when I was young. Interestingly, it’s always led me back here to my home town of Pittsburgh, PA.

More Facts About Me!

What I teach: Voice (all levels) and specializing in Jazz and Musical Theater styles, Piano (beginner), beginner trombone, and low brass 

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Educational Background: Bachelor of Music, Vocal Performance Duquesne University

Favorite Performance I’ve Seen:

I saw a performance of West Side Story on Broadway with my father when I was very young.

This was during a time I did not like the idea of studying music or performance. After seeing the show, I was so moved by the lyrics and the actions on stage that something clicked inside my

heart and changed my entire view on wanting to study voice and performance. I have never felt more empowered!

Favorite Performance I’ve Been In: I had the chance to sing at Severance Hall in Cleveland, Ohio with a full orchestra. I ended up singing as Tony in a West Side Story music medley. I did not realize how huge the event was until finally walking on the stage and viewing the vast audience. But I sang my heart out and I felt amazing. The live orchestra and audience just filled me with joy, and I gave my heart to the performance.

Fun Facts: I am a huge hiker. I have always been an outdoorsy person! I have studied various plants and flowers and currently also in my free time work at a flower shop. I am also into cooking!

Current Project: I am currently studying the effects of physical fitness and vocal health. I want to see how to work out and while improving the voice by avoiding grunting and large air flows.

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