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Music education is an essential part of a child’s development. It teaches creativity thought, self expression, and provides a sense of accomplishment! We welcome you to join us in our music program at the Northern Liberties Recreation Center where your child will have an exceptional music education experience.

Music Lessons at the Northern Liberties Recreation Center

We are thrilled to offer our private music lessons at the Northern Liberties Recreation Center. Our expert Teaching Artists guide students from start to finish with private instruction. Practice Play Perform Group classes are held every month to provide a fun and supportive environment for students to learn and grow alongside their peers. These classes allow students to practice their skills in a group setting and gain valuable experience sharing music in front of others. 

Every Teaching Artist at New Groove is a highly experienced musician who is dedicated to sharing their passion for music with young learners. Whether your child is just starting out in music or is looking to take their musical abilities to the next level, our Teaching Artists are here to support them every step of the way. Through personalized instruction, they will work with your child to set achievable goals and help them realize their full potential through creative expression!

We are excited to guide you throughout your musical journey. Contact us today to set up a free consultation and begin your musical journey in North Liberties, Philadelphia!

For All Skill Levels

We Inspire, Encourage & Create Music

Lessons with New Groove provide more than the fundamental skills of how to sing or play your instrument well. Our music classes also help our students discover their creative passions, build confidence, and learn how to connect music with their lives in authentic and meaningful ways. Do you want your child to capture their love of music?!

Music Lessons For All

Programs inNorthern Liberties Recreation Center, Philadelphia

We have flexible schedules and can work with students in North
Liberties Philadelphia – we make it easy for you to start your musical journey!


We know how to inspire, encourage, and create music with children and adults alike! Our music classes and children’s music classes are designed to meet each student’s needs, skill level, and musical goals. We believe in connected learning for music — a philosophy that combines personal interests, supportive relationships, and opportunities to progress from the comfort of music classes to confidently sharing the love of music with others.


Our lessons are not only convenient but easy to access through our in-person sessions, or online using our convenient Student Portal. The virtual community and member’s portal are easy-to-navigate as we transform ordinary, unengaged music lessons into interactive, creative, and shared community experiences. You can easily connect with our community of passionate musicians and grow together in harmony.


From the best group lessons in Passyunk to the shared stage in Fairmount, Philadelphia, our music programs unite like-minded music lovers together to share in triumphs and motivate each other for success. The best music education in Philadelphia for you or your child starts by focusing on the passion for music – the New Groove Music Studio community is ready to help you combine your passion, creativity, and interests into music!

Music Lessons In Northern Liberties Recreation Center, Philadelphia

When you sign up for our music lessons in Northern Liberties Recreation Center Philadelphia or any of our other locations throughout Philly, you can expect to gain confidence from the encouragement of our Teaching Artists and extended community. Through our philosophy of connected learning and connecting music to your life, we guide our students to grow naturally with other musicians and the surrounding community.

Whether we meet online in Passyunk, or you join us in Point Breeze for an inspiring lesson in-person, all you’ll need to bring to your first class is the passion to learn, a positive attitude, and a desire to grow into the best musician you can be! Excited about your first lesson? Want to know what will be covered?

Here’s what you can expect during a first music lesson with one of our Teaching Artists:

Enhance Your Love Of Music​

Our mission is to help you enhance your love of music into an amazing passion that builds your skills and confidence alike. We offer singing lessons in Philadelphia and children’s music classes designed to develop and encourage you or your children to find confidence and joy in sharing their musical talents. We also offer personalized piano lessons in Philadelphia that are perfect for every age or skill level. From Fishtown to Northern Liberties Philadelphia our platform makes it easy to connect with amazing musicians across the Philadelphia area. Here are some of the many benefits you will enjoy when you join the New Groove Music Studio community in South Philadelphia:

How It Works

Grow and Groove Your Love For Music

Step 1

Tell us about your goals for music lessons
Fill out a registration form to tell us about your musical goals for your child (or for yourself!) and schedule a Free 15 min Consultation with us via phone or Zoom.

Step 2

Learn how we groove
Our team of Teaching Artists is a group of passionate and skilled musicians and leaders who are excited to meet you and help you reach your goals. In your Free Consultation, we will find the perfect fit for you and we’ll also tell you everything you need to know about pricing, logistics, and scheduling.

Step 3

Join our music community and start making music!
If you’re ready to begin by the end of your consultation, we can schedule your first lesson time right then and there! We’ll get you started on our Member Portal, connect you with your Teaching Artist, and schedule your first lesson or class. Why wait?! Get groovin’ with us today!