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New Groove Music Studio in Philadelphia has reimagined virtual music instruction with the best online music platform available. Our community offers engaging virtual lessons nationwide to musicians of all skill levels. If it’s hard for you to learn in person, don’t let the musical blues set in by joining us in our exciting virtual music lessons! Our virtual music lessons empower you to gain experience from Teaching Artists and like-minded musicians.

At New Groove Music, we start each musician’s journey by building relationships with our students. By embracing their passion and learning style, we offer a creative outlet that builds off of their love of music.

Our music community provides unique opportunities for individual lessons, group learning, and performances that build self-confidence and the fundamentals of each musician.

When you take virtual music lessons with New Groove, you can expect to become a stronger musician with these amazing benefits:

Take Virtual Piano & Voice Lessons With New Groove Music Studio

From the comfort and ease of home, you will have access to our entire suite of music tools and classes to help you grow your love of music. Our user-friendly Student Platform is easy to navigate and is constantly updated with valuable material to elevate your talents. As a member of the community, your music lesson will allow you to connect with other like-minded musicians.

We are on a mission to create unity within the Philadelphia music community and beyond in hopes of bridging the gaps found in more traditional music programs. Our holistic approach to music education encompasses every aspect of the music spectrum and beyond. When you join the New Groove Music Studio community for all of your music training needs, your skills as a well-rounded musician will blossom.

Our virtual music lessons in Philadelphia are packed with valuable insights that leave a lasting impact on our students. Lessons are created unique to each student and designed to build on their passions while enhancing their musical skills.

Why Choose Our Online Music Lessons

Perfect For Your Busy Schedule

Virtual piano lessons are a great way to work on your musical skills and take the time to enjoy your passion for piano. For a busy schedule, virtual lessons may be the perfect solution to getting back into the activities you love. With flexible scheduling, our professional virtual music instruction is designed to fit into your busy lifestyle.

Professional & Fun Online Music Instruction

All virtual piano lessons are organized around your goals and preferred style of music. Whether you like classical, pop, or jazz, we provide every tool necessary to learn quickly and effectively. Our Teaching Artists understand the value of keeping each virtual piano lesson fun while honing in on the specifics needed for improvement.

Support From Fellow Musicians

If you’ve been unable to take advantage of our in-person lessons in Philadelphia, our virtual music lessons are the best way to keep you connected with a vibrant community of like-minded musicians. We believe that with the support of fellow musicians by your side, you will be inspired to practice harder while gaining valuable feedback from peers.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Whether you are in Philadelphia or beyond, our fun and engaging virtual music lessons can be accessed from anywhere. Share your passion for music wherever you go by taking your virtual piano lessons, virtual voice lessons, and online music classes with you on all your life’s adventures!

Online Music Lessons Designed For You

Every virtual music lesson in Philadelphia and beyond is completely customized to your preferences and goals. By focusing on the aspects of music that speak to your heart, practicing becomes less of a chore and more of a joyful experience that you will look forward to.

We also offer virtual voice lessons in Philadelphia and nationwide suited for every genre and style. Our teaching artists have successfully sculpted singers specializing in opera to modern pop music. With our virtual voice lessons, you can expect improvements in every aspect of your singing. We teach safe practice techniques to protect your voice, solutions to maximize your range, and provide valuable tips so you can sing like the pros.

From our virtual music lessons, you can expect the same quality lesson that you would with in-person sessions. Our Teaching Artists have years of experience teaching and will maximize your potential by uncovering techniques and passions alike to help you learn faster.

At New Groove Music Studio, our community knows that when it comes to a passion for music, no one should have to miss out!

Online Music Classes

How Your Child Can Benefit from Virtual Music Lessons

Our music & virtual guitar lessons teach valuable life skills! Whether your future rockstar is interested in virtual guitar lessons or hopes to develop a strong foundation with virtual piano lessons, our experienced teaching artists in Philadelphia help our students:
Develop Healthy Practice Habits

Develop Healthy Practice Habits

Our all-inclusive program caters to each student on a personal level with every thoughtfully designed lesson plan. By providing both individual and group virtual guitar lessons in our Philly program, we cater to aspiring musicians at every level!

Connect Music Expression With Daily Life

Connect Music Expression With Daily Life

By infusing fun, creativity, and approachable music education into every enriching and professionally designed lesson, our students go on to achieve great things in music and life!

Build Social Skills

Build Social Skills

By being a part of our community, our young musicians gain confidence to share the love of music with others! Our students get to encourage each other in group lessons.

Discover A Whole New World of Music

You can support your young musician with the best virtual music lessons at New Groove in Philly! Perfect for busy lifestyles, our low-stress virtual voice lessons and confidence-boosting virtual guitar lessons inspire little musicians to reach new heights. By cultivating an environment of inclusivity and freedom to share, our students in Philadelphia are naturally excited to learn, progress, and gain more confidence as we work together to expand our musical horizons! If your child would like to begin virtual guitar lessons or virtual voice lessons, we create a custom lesson plan that promotes confidence, and safe practice techniques, and will help your child develop a range of versatile skills that they can proudly share with the world!

Start Your Virtual Music Lessons Today!

Music is always expanding and so are we! We constantly update our online music classes and virtual voice lessons to keep our students engaged and up to date. With our virtual music lessons in Philadelphia, you’ll never run out of exciting new ideas or styles to master.  With our community-centered online music classes, you’ll be able to share your improved talents with new musical friends as you all grow together.

To learn more about our virtual music instructions, virtual voice lessons, or virtual piano lessons in Philadelphia, feel free to contact one of our community members. With our 24/7 virtual platform and multiple convenient locations throughout Philadelphia, we make it easy for you to become a member of our valued New Groove community today!