Why It’s Important that Music Students Perform as They Learn

At New Groove, we believe that performing is a crucial part of being a musician, or rather, a THRIVING musician, as we like to call them! Why? Because music is meant to be shared, and because learning is so much more rewarding when it is! But don’t worry! Whether you are a natural-born performer that loves the limelight, or more of a shy and quiet musician that plays mostly for themselves, there are tons of ways to learn and practice the benefits of performing music.

Performing Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

While some students love the limelight, and others are extremely shy, there are many ways students can experience performing without throwing themselves in front of a large crowd! For example, students can perform for peers in a small group setting, they can perform for parents at the end of a lesson or at home after dinnertime, or they can even record a song and release it virtually so that others can benefit from their music! There are tons of ways to reap the benefits of performing without feeling completely uncomfortable.

So why should you work towards performing?

Now that we’re clarified that performing music doesn’t have to be a really scary thing, what are the benefits? First of all, performing gives students something to work towards during their lessons. Not only that, it gives them something to show for them. After months and months of practicing, students should have something to show off! A performance, no matter how big or small, really gives students a sense of motivation and accomplishment from their music lessons.

In addition, students learn different skills when performing that they just don’t learn during a lesson. This includes:

  • Overcoming and learning from mistakes
  • Managing nerves and anxiety


There are many challenges students face when learning an instrument, but performing truly tests their ability to overcome and learn from their mistakes. Professional musicians are not excluded from making mistakes (I tell my students—even Lady Gaga makes mistakes!), but rather, professional musicians have perfected the art of managing nerves and overcoming their mistakes quickly! The experience of knowing you have to keep going no matter what when performing truly teaches students how to manage their nerves, not be too hard on themselves, and overcome challenges in the moment. We realize when we perform that music lies in the way we create it, not in the mistakes we make while creating it. It’s truly freeing to think this way!

The Best Reason to Perform Your Music

At New Groove, we believe the best reason to perform music is to create and receive inspiration and joy! When music is used as a tool to communicate and connect with others, it truly becomes magical. We love seeing our students’ faces when they hear something new, see a peer succeed, or receive a compliment from a performance, no matter how big or small.

If you want to learn about our music lessons in Philadelphia or see some of our talented musicians performing and sharing their music with others, check out our upcoming events on our events page!

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