Are Virtual Music Lessons Worth It?

Are Virtual Lessons Worth It?

We know you’ve all been wondering, “Should I start music lessons for my child during a pandemic?” “Are lessons worth the time and money right now?” Founder Kathy Bell writes some insight on this topic below.
Throughout 2020 all of our lives and routines underwent a drastic overhaul! Many of us who were active and extroverted had to make the sudden switch to a completely new normal that involved more screen time than we ever imagined possible! I am a musician and along with performing, I also teach private voice and piano lessons to students of all ages and levels. At the beginning of the pandemic, I was very worried about how my students were going to adjust to their new lifestyles and to virtual music lessons. Personally, I am always up for a challenge, and I am so happy to say that the challenge of transitioning to virtual music lessons was so unbelievably worth it—for my students and for myself.

The conception around virtual music lessons is that they are impersonal, difficult, and not suitable for beginners. At the beginning of the pandemic, this is what I thought too! Being a professional musician, I had some experience taking my own voice lessons virtually, but couldn’t imagine teaching a young child pianist, or high school singer without being able to accompany them live and make the changes and alterations to their performing that I can do in person. Boy was I wrong!

Amazingly, my students became extremely MORE active in their virtual lessons. Because we weren’t in-person, my students and I had the opportunity to break the mold of what we “always” did in lessons. We began approaching music in different ways, talking about what we heard in the music we were learning, and how the skills we were working on related. I was amazed at how independent my students became!

How my lessons changed (for the better)

  • Break the mold of what we “always” did in lessons.
  • Approach music in different ways
  • Increased independence (that even a 5 year old can do when asked!)
  • More active lessons with varied activities and skill building


I realized that because I wasn’t there to point out what measure we were on, or help them set up their hand placement, or sing in unison with them to teach them melodies, they became more independent and confident in their own skills and learned just as fast had when we were learning in-person. I even saw this demonstrated in my youngest musicians – 4 and 5 year old pianists! Our lessons became more active, filled with more varied activities and skill building, and because they were at home, we had the opportunity to share what they had learned with their family members at the end of every lesson! Students also became more independent and took more responsibility to set up his or her virtual lessons. New Groove’s virtual platform gives each student the opportunity to launch their lesson directly from their personal profile meaning the lesson process was simplified and my students could take ownership of their lesson time!

“Our lessons became more active, filled with more varied activities and skill building, and because they were at home, we had the opportunity to share what they had learned with their family members at the end of every lesson!”

Perhaps the most important thing that virtual music lessons during the pandemic provided for my students and myself was the chance to connect, create, and engage with others during a time that is so uncertain and filled with isolation. I heard from many of my families that their child’s voice or piano lesson was the highlight of their week. The act of learning an instrument or singing and learning to express ourselves and finding confidence in our abilities was provided through virtual lessons when it was needed the most. That is one of the main reasons why I am so grateful that I embarked on trying to provide my students with the best possible virtual music lesson experience!

Are you thinking about trying virtual lessons for yourself or your child? Feeling a bit nervous about the technology or what you’ll be able to learn through virtual lessons?

I hope this article was able to give you a bit of insight into how awesome virtual lessons can be!

All of New Groove’s Teaching Artists work together as a team to create amazing virtual private lessons, group music, and musical events in addition to the small amount that we can currently do in-person. We know the equipment needed, how to engage students in distant learning, and how to bring connection and mentorship to every lesson.

The right teacher and team matter in musical success – virtually OR in-person! I hope after reading this article you decide to give virtual lessons a chance! If you have questions or thoughts, add a comment below. I’d love to hear from you! 

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