New Groove Welcome Brass Musician Jason Wu to the Team!

My Story

Growing up I had the opportunity to engage in many diverse formal musical experiences both while in and outside of school. But beyond those formal musical engagements, I also had a deeply rooted connection with listening to music from the shows and movies I grew up watching. Shows and movies like Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, Jurassic Park, and Laputa: Castle in the Sky, were all huge influences on my musical development as I was starting to discover my own voice in music. Leading me to study piano, viola, violin, voice, trumpet and of course tuba during my primary, secondary, and collegiate education. Which opened up an entirely new world of music for me to experience along my musical journey. 

There was however, one event in my musical development that I experienced which really cemented my love for not only music but for music education. And that was being able to attend the PMEA All-State Conference in Lancaster, PA during my freshman year at Temple University. The entire convention and the different presentations happening all around the convention center, opened my eyes to the grander themes found in music education and the role of the music educators in and outside of the classroom. Which was not only to teach music, but to build community, open connections and drive creativity in all students. These three fundamental ideas formed the backbone to my music teaching philosophy and continue to guide how I teach, communicate, and learn. 

My musical journey is still in progress with no end in sight, but the path that I have taken has given me the opportunity to teach, perform, and collaborate with many different people from all backgrounds and experiences. The future for me is never set in stone and my growth as a teaching artist will continue developing no matter what challenges I face. My only wish is to open up new possibilities for students to engage in music so that all students can have access to high quality music education that is both meaningful and inspiring. 

More About Me

What I Teach: Tuba, Euph/Baritone, Piano, Brass, Woodwind, Violin, Intro to music production, song writing and Instrumental Composition

Locations: Philadelphia, PA and Virtually

Education Background: BM in Music Education from Temple University (2020) with an instrumental concentration on Tuba.

Hobbies: music production and graphic design

A Project I’m Working on: The Lines and Spaces Podcast — all about music education!

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