‘Meet the Founders!’ A Virtual Concert with New Groove


We’re Kathy and Elise, the founders of New Groove Music Studio! We’re so excited to kick off the start of the year with a virtual concert for our community!

We are best friends and professional musicians who who have performed on stages across the United States and abroad. We’ve have worked in some amazing places — with companies including Miami Music Festival, Charleston Symphony Orchestra, Vulcan Lyric Opera, Edgewood Symphony Orchestra, Steamboat Opera, Delaware Valley Opera, Operafestival di Roma, Utah Vocal Arts Academy, Opera Libera, Opera on Tap, Concert Operetta Theater, and Pittsburgh Festival Opera. We perform in operas, musicals, cabarets, and concerts—and we love it!

Along with our love of the theater and stage, we are also passionate teachers who have been teaching students across the US for over ten years combined! After years of teaching on our own as “freelancers,” we’ve decided to team up and build something better.

Too often, studios don’t teach the important stuff about being a musician, like performing, finding your unique and creative voice, collaborating with other musicians—things that are crucial to being a successful musician in today’s world.

New Groove was created to reimagine and reinvigorate the role of a music studio. Our teachers are active performs AND passionate teachers just like us! Our program provides the opportunity to learn in many ways, because we know that’s what makes for a great musician (it’s also way more fun!).

Our Meet the Founders Concert is the first of many for New Groove. Our mission is to share our talents and passions with the community, leading by example for our students, so they can learn the possibility and power of using music to make an impact! We’ll perform some of our favorite songs, and also spread the music love with a special offer at the end of our concert! We can’t wait to share some music with you!

Virtual Performance Details

What: Virtual Concert with Kathy Bell and Elise Mark – two professional singers, and the co-founders of New Groove Music Studio

Where: A Premiere Video on Our Facebook Page

When: Friday, Aug. 28th at 7pm

How To Watch: Use the Facebook URL www.facebook.com/newgroovemusicstudio 10 minutes before the concert starts to log on. You will see a countdown clock until the start of the performance at 7pm

There will be a special musical gift for viewers to give to their family or friends announced during the concert!

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