Are Virtual Music Lessons Worth It?

Are Virtual Lessons Worth It? We know you’ve all been wondering, “Should I start music lessons for my child during a pandemic?” “Are lessons worth the time and money right […]

New Teaching Aritsts at New Groove Music Studio

New Groove is happy to welcome some amazing new teaching artists to our team! These creative musicians teach private music lessons and music classes to students of many levels, ages, […]

Why Music Empowerment Camp this summer?

Over the last year and a half, we have lived some of the most challenging months of our lives. This pandemic shockingly prevented us from one of our most precious […]

Upcoming Performances by New Groove Teachers

At New Groove, we value that our private music teachers are active performers of their craft! This is why we often call our teachers, “teaching artists.” Teaching artists use their […]

Composer Steven Crino Joins the Team!

My Story I was fortunate to grow up in a house that encouraged music of all kinds. This allowed me to try many different instruments and make music with my […]