Why Music Empowerment Camp this summer?

Over the last year and a half, we have lived some of the most challenging months of our lives. This pandemic shockingly prevented us from one of our most precious gifts: human contact. All of the sudden, we were forced to completely isolate ourselves from the outside world and had to continue -or not- our daily activities exclusively through the screen of our computers, phones, and tablets. We were not allowed to travel, hug, or make music together.

While spending most of our time inside four walls, we realized the deep importance of literature, theater, film, dance, and music within our lives. Art gives us meaning and purpose, and while the isolation prevented us from experiencing art as we know it, artists found in technology a great ally to continue bringing their message to our communities. A great example of this is the New Groove Music Studio, which launched in the middle of the pandemic and now represents one of the best options around for musical instruction.

As a Teaching Artist at New Groove, I feel extremely lucky to work with an amazing team of musicians and educators that strive to offer the best kind of music education a person can have. We focus on designing and providing the tools for each student to experience music in the most exciting way possible, working towards their individual goals and immersing themselves in a world of pure creativity. Learning music should be fun and rewarding! We want to hear their ideas and help them express them most powerfully.

This summer, New Groove is creating its first summer camp through a diverse and dedicated group of teachers and organizations. We are planning an unforgettable 5-days adventure for kids and teenagers, and taking advantage of all the tech skills we have developed over the last year. This virtual experience will stimulate their imagination, activating their minds and bodies, and making them part of a community of young musicians. Either by playing an instrument, creating songs, or learning stories – we want to use music to inspire them!

The unique vision of New Groove is reflected in the work of all teachers, the excitement of our students, and the trust of their parents. New Groove Music Studio students are members of a supportive community that seeks to grow together as humans and musicians. We believe that music has this magical power to empower people. This is the goal of our camp: to empower our students by making them part of a confident and independent creative process – and that is why this camp represents an ideal opportunity to take your kid’s summer adventures to the next level.

Looking for a fun and creative way to enrich your child’s musical passion year round? Check out our children’s music classes in Philadelphia to learn more about New Groove Music Studio’s programs!

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