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Welcome to our webinar series!

Below you’ll find all the current videos included in our free webinar series! These videos will not expire, and new ones will be added from now until the end of December 2020. If you have questions, please reach out to us anytime!

How to Learn Music Mindfully

Do you know how to learn AND memorize a piece? How fast and effective are you? Professional singer Katie Hahn provides some helpful tips for learning and memorizing a new song in this webinar. A general guideline of the approach to a new piece:
  • Read poetry or text
  • Learn the notes on neutral syllables, like ‘ahh’ or ‘ohh’
  • Add text with the melody
  • Add dynamic and expression markings
Enjoy this class taught New Groove voice and piano teaching artist, Katie Hahn!

Happy & Healthy While Pursuing Music

Staying Happy and Healthy While Pursuing Music is so important for every musician! What does it mean? line of the approach to a new piece:
  • How to set positive intentions in your practice by honing in on mental and physical health.
  • What tension is, how it affects music playing, and how to be mindful of tension going forward in your practice.
  • What is good breathing technique and what exercises can help you improve it?
  • And finally, a yoga class just for musicians!
This class is taught by Ellie O’Hare, as well as founders Kathy Bell and Elise Mark. We were joined by professional musician and yoga instruction Rebecca Wizov of Grace and Glory and The 95 Live! Band in Philadelphia, PA.

The Anatomy of an Orchestra

The Anatomy of an Orchestra offers the most complete information on how an orchestra works!

This webinar will explore the insights of a symphony orchestra; deepening into its history, series of instruments, organization, functioning, and importance within today’s society.

  • What is an Orchestra?
  • History of the Orchestra,
  • Sections of the Orchestra,
  • Instruments of the Orchestra,
  • The Conductor,
  • Orchestral Hierarchy,
  • Repertoire/Rehearsals/Performances, and Importance within Society.
This webinar is taught Rick, who teaches musicians of all ages and levels on bassoon, recorder, oboe, and piano.

Working Smarter: Using Music Theory to Learn Music Faster!

Our ‘Working Smarter’ webinar shows students how to use music theory to learn music faster!

Using the simple song ‘Bravery at Sea,’ students will see how to:

  • Spot patterns in music
  • Compare parts of a piece
  • Find form of a piece
  • Practice small sections of a piece to help master a song quickly and efficiently.
Teaching artist Steve is a music theorist himself! Steve incorporates music theory in all his private music lessons, including piano lessons, drum set lessons, and composition lessons.

Clarinet 101

This introduction to clarinet is the perfect video for brand new clarinet players! This video by clarinetist Alyssa covers:
  • How to properly assemble
  • Care tips 
  • Reeds
  • How to clean after use
  • What to keep in your case
  • How to take the instrument apart
  • Clarinet family
  • Wood vs plastic clarinet
Alyssa is a teaching artist expertly teaching clarinet lessons for all ages, levels, and abilities.

Meet the Band

“Meet the Band” taught by Jason, highlights different types of woodwind and brass instruments to those interested in Band! The class gives a short intro of each instrument, how to get started on each one, and ways to explore and create music right away!

Part 1: Preparing the Body and Breathing

Part 2: Woodwind Instruments

  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Alto Saxophone
Part 3: Brass Instruments
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Baritone/Euphonium
Jason is a teaching artist specializing in helping young music students find the right instrument for them! Jason teaches many of these instruments at the beginner level, and specializes in advanced tuba and euphonium lessons.