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A Special Giveback Event Through Kendra Scott Jewelry

Kendra Scott, a fellow women-owned business, has chosen New Groove for a special “giveback” event, as a way to recognize our wonderful community of young musicians, showcase our talented students and their teachers, and celebrate our overall mission to create a place where creativity, community, and collaboration thrive for all! We are very excited and honored for the 3-day event across our Philadelphia and Pittsburgh studios. So what is our...

Why It’s Important that Music Students Perform as They Learn

At New Groove, we believe that performing is a crucial part of being a musician, or rather, a THRIVING musician, as we like to call them! Why? Because music is meant to be shared, and because learning is so much more rewarding when it is! But don’t worry! Whether you are a natural-born performer that loves the limelight, or more of a shy and quiet musician that plays mostly for...

Are Virtual Music Lessons Worth It?

Are Virtual Lessons Worth It? We know you’ve all been wondering, “Should I start music lessons for my child during a pandemic?” “Are lessons worth the time and money right now?” Founder Kathy Bell writes some insight on this topic below. Throughout 2020 all of our lives and routines underwent a drastic overhaul! Many of us who were active and extroverted had to make the sudden switch to a completely...